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Celebrating Excellence, Initiative and Leadership 

The BCFHA recognizes scholastic and service excellence in its members, through a variety of awards and scholarships. Click on the links below to learn more.

Adelbert Parris Man/Woman of the Year Award | Reginald Taylor Bowling Trophy | The Jay Carrington Memorial Scholarship | The Adelbert Parris Scholarship  

Adelbert Parris Man/Woman of the Year Award


The Adelbert Parris trophies are awarded to the "Man of The Year" and "Woman of The Year'. This is in recognition of the two individuals (Male and Female) who were deemed to have made significant contributions towards the operation of the association in the respective year.

The names “Man of the Year” and “Woman of the Year” trophies were expanded in 2012 to include the name of Adelbert (Dalbert) Parris. This was done to recognize, and therefore memorialize, one of our association's founding members. Dalbert showed tireless enthusiasm in promoting and maintaining the association until his death in 2007. He was the rock on which the association’s foundation was built.

Past "Man of the Year" trophy winners: Past "Woman of the Year" trophy winners:
L. Burke (1982)
A. Parris (1983,1989,1990,1992,2007 posthumously)
D. Lewis (1984)
R. Austin(1985)
A. Luke ( 1986,1988)
R.Taylor (1987,1994)
G. Thornhill (1993)
A Cumberbatch (1995,2011)
R. Springer (1996)
R. Hercules (1997)
S. Jordan (1998)
K .Hinds (1999)
J. Pilgrim (2003)
T. Carrington (2004, 2009)
P. Douglin (2005)
D. Vaughn (2006)
D. Lashley (2008)
D. Agard (2010)
R. Taylor (2012)
D Vaughn (2013)
D. Lashley (2014)
  A. Lascelles (1982)
J. Thornhill (1983)
C. Tull (1984, 2005, 2010)
N. Carter (1985)
J. Evelyn (1986)
M. Rudder (1987)
M. Alleyne (1988)
P. Parris (1989)
A. Waithe (1992)
H. Lewis (1993)
S. Austin (1994)
V. Rowe (1995, 1996)
K. Parris (1997)
P. Williams (1998)
B. Brennan (1999)
S. Treleaven (2000)
M. Greenidge (2001, 2002)
A. Pilgrim (2003)
S. Cave (2004)
R. Demers (2006)
A. Miller (2007), D. Lashley (2008)
C. Barrow (2009)
M. Carrington (2011)
S. Weekes (2012)
S Vaughn (2013)
M. Cumberbatch (2014)

Reginald Taylor Bowling Trophy


The Reginald (Reg) Taylor trophy is awarded to the bowler with the highest score at the association's annual bowling tournament. This trophy was created to recognize Reg’s enormous contribution to the association over the years until his death in 2011. He was instrumental in leading the organization especially on issues of a political and constitutional matter. His love for sporting activities made this a fitting memorial.

Past "Reginald Taylor Bowling" trophy winners: A. Cumberbatch (2012)
D. Lashley (2013)

The Jay Carrington Memorial Scholarship

Jay Carrington, whose parents, Trevor and Maureen, are long-standing members of the association, was in his graduating year at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary when he lost a short but courageous battle with leukemia. His lifelong dream of becoming a writer passed with him.
Jay had demonstrated a natural ability in creative writing. 

The scholarship was the brainchild of English teacher Maxine Walkes-Thompson, who believed Jay would’ve succeeded greatly in bringing his dream of becoming a successful writer to fruition. To date, 13 students who have shown extra-ordinary talent in creative writing at Jay's Alma Mater have received the award. In memory of Jay, the association is delighted to participate.

The Adelbert Parris Scholarship

Adelbert Parris was one of the stalwarts in the Association. A man of many talents, one of the founding members of the organization and held every position on the Executive. Dalbert passed away unexpectedly on November 6, 2007. To honour his memory, the inaugural Talent Show, "God Has A Plan For Me!" was created and produced by his daughter Kimberlyn Parris in November 2008 and celebrates his love for music.

God Has A Plan For Me! emboldens the minds of audiences worldwide and provides a positive platform for artists to shine. The show is staged in Hamilton and Los Angeles and hopes to expand to Barbados in the future. The Adelbert Parris Scholarship was founded as a result of this initiative, and has helped students in St. Philip, Barbados, Hamilton, Ontario and Los Angeles, California to pursue their dreams. The Association is proud to be a supporter of this event in loving memory of Dalbert.